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In cryptocurrency, airdrops are the equivalent to what a free sample is in the mall. When a project is starting out, most times a small quantity of token airdrops will occur with free tokens given out to people verified under the project with the aim of spreading the word about the project.

How Do Free Airdrops Happen

Airdrops usually take place for any project close to the projects ICO. By doing this they can increase the amount of users and induce people to tell others about it. This can be done through either a referral program or social media marketing.

This can happen in different ways, one of which is by dropping en mass to wallets and token airdrops can be achieved by doing an activity involved in the community like a user signing up and providing details.

Amount of Free Airdrops

The free airdrops amounts are usually in small quantities, using fiat currency terms, but when this token airdrops are kept for an extended period of time in a quality project these token airdrops increase in worth, this ultimately gives you quality money. Due to the increase in price, free airdrops that occurred months ago have the capacity to have increased to alot of dollars now.

The Worth of Free Airdrops

The worth of a free airdrop is ultimately determined by whether they are kept till the value appreciates or sold. Coins that are airdropped most times won’t be available on exchanges so the user will have to wait in order to sell the coins.

Benefits of Airdrops Done En Mass

In the process of a project the benefits of free airdrops, is decided by the effects of network and the form of the network graph. This means that proper social marketing done along side airdrops will be more beneficial than just a regular free airdrop as the project will gain both social influence and financially.

The History of Airdrops

Free airdrops has been happening for quite some time, users with wallets for various projects would have noticed that some days a token randomly appears in a your tracker for tokens and it was not deposited by anyone, this not a mistake, the coin team of that particular project released free airdrops to a number of users, to create people talking about it.

When this token airdrop happened the user might have asked people what the token is and that is exactly what the purpose of the airdrop was, to get users talking and spreading the word about it. This can go two ways, either the user asks about it and the aim of the airdrop is achieved or it is ignored the airdrop is considered failed. For such a small amount a project has been effectively marketed.

Value Increase

Beyond the aim of marketing, free airdrops also exist in order to increase the value of a coin, this usable happens when the holder of a particlar coin announces that it’s users will be awarded, free bonus equivalent to how much, of coins the user has, say 2 percent, of the particular users coins. In such cases users that want to get in on the free airdrop would either buy the coin or a greater amount of it in order to gain a higher airdrop.


Free airdrops have ultimately been a means where a project desires to spread the information of a coin to both you and then also have you tell your friends and the people around you also. Using a powerful referral system this is achieved too. With social media having certain bans on projects airdrops are an effective way to get the word out.

How Do I Get in On Free Airdrops

To get in on free airdrops you would require the following as tools to enable you to get them.

A Coin Wallet

You would need a personal address, for received the coins and a hardware wallet if greatly recommended for this purpose.

An Active Wallet

Most projects are trying to avoid a single individual creating alot of random wallets in order to get free airdrops en mass unfairly. Because of this if a wallet doesn’t have a sign of activity, it will most likely not receive an airdrop, some coins require a balance to be associated with the account.

An Account With An Email Service Provider

Most times projects will require a user to give his email in order to confirm that it is an individual and not a bot.

Where Do I Get Free Airdrops

Simply put you can get free airdrops on Grab Air Drop, this project is one that assits newbies in the crypto coin holding world to be able to give out their airdrops and get more more people reached. It is a website well laid out to enable users to see specific dates as to when an air drop is going to occur and allows them to prepare accordingly.

In order to get a free airdrop you would need to sign up at www.grabairdrop.com and ensure that you keep checking the site daily, this is because we would he posting free airdrops on this site daily and you would need to be on the site in order to participate in it.

In conclusion, we have seen what an airdrop is and the benefits it brings to both you and the project involved, by boosting the awareness of a project massively, by inducing users of the project to search and tell others about the token airdrops, this is a tremendous marketing tool for new projects while for older projects it is very useful in shooting up the value of a coin tremendously as a greater number of people are now aware of the coi and in possession of it.

Don’t be left out of it, ensure you visit www.grabairdrop.com daily and receive your own free airdrop as I will be posting free airdrops there, so you would need to be on the lookout. You can help to increase the value of a coin while gaining token airdrops and ultimately play your part in keeping the cryptocurrency world afloat.