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Estimated value ~$31
Expiry date Feb 27th, 2021

Token Overview

The Bither platform has been formed by reevaluating advantages and flaws of previous generations of blockchain such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has formed in order to overcome the problems and develop capabilities of blockchain technology in the less explored areas. The goal of the Bither platform is to present the most recent generation of blockchain technology in an optimized format to help resolve problems of current blockchains. Furthermore, the possibility of creating layer two and layer three networks allows Bither to play a decentralized role in the improvement of functions and the separation of activities. Read more


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  1. Signup on the Bither Airdrop page
  2. Verify your mail and Login.
  3. Click on “Get Bither” on dashboard and earn 25 BTR tokens.
  4. Wait until the timer gets to zero, then try again.
  5. Submit your Ethereum address to your profile.
  6. Also get 25% of their faucet incoming with your referral link.
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