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Token Symbol IMP
Estimated value ~$21
Expiry date Mar 9th, 2021

Token Overview

“The creation of an infrastructure that will become a strong foundation for the intellectual property market in the world, as well as reduce the process of identifying and developing the potential of authors to the level of access to the international arena at times”: the Brain Space team works to solve this task, because without the accessible, convenient and understandable procedures for registration and recording of the results of intellectual activity, and without the necessary and understandable tool it is difficult to imagine the achievement of the goal indicated in the strategies of a multitude of institutions scientifically technological development of the cultural sphere.


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Step 3

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  1. Visit Brain Space's Airdrop Page
  2. Register and validate your e-mail address.
  3. Add your Bitcointalk username and profile url at your dashboard
  4. Click on Settings and add your ETH address
  5. Join Brain Space's Telegram Channel
  6. Join Brain Space´s Bounty Telegram channel
  7. Follow Brain Space's Twitter Page and like at least 10 tweets
  8. Like Brain Space's Facebook Account and like at least 10 posts
  9. Post your proof of participation in this Bitcointalk thread in following format:

    #Proof of Participation:
    Bitcointalk username: 
    Bitcointalk profile:
    Telegram Username:
    Twitter Link:
    Facebook Link :
    ERC20 wallet address: 
  10. Click on "Bounty" in your dashboard, on the right side under "Airdrop" click on "Participate"
  11. Submit your details in the airdrop form.
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