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Expiry date Jun 23rd, 2021
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Token Overview

Cannumo combines the hot topics of Cannabis, Blockchain, and NFTs, and offers a three-pronged solution for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Cannumo emerges as a solution for people to participate in an ever growing cannabis industry. Thus, it consists of a three-pronged approach towards the necessity in occupying a fair share of a cannabis market and distributing said share to its customer base.

This approach includes 3 applications designed to offer and enroll CBD (cannabidiol) products, produced by Cannumo itself, into the market. Cannumo owns a set of state of the art growing containers, based in Switzerland, which will yield four harvests every single year.

30 whitelist spots available for this round. EACH spot will be entitled to receive free airdrop at an equal amount.
Whitelist winners will be selected upon contest end, after June 25th, 2PM.


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