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Estimated value ~$5
Expiry date Jul 5th, 2021

Token Overview

Coreto is bringing TRUST to the blockchain communities. They provide a reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, and project teams.
Coreto provide investors the perfect platform to find those influencers that are worth being followed and use the crowd wisdom of blockchain experts to identify new trading opportunities and ICO/IEO investments.


Step 1

Join our Telegram Group
Step 2

Follow us on on Twitter
Step 3

Tweet this Airdrop:

  1. Go to the Coreto Airdrop form.
  2. Join Coreto Telegram group.
  3. Follow Coreto on Twitter.
  4. Like Coreto Facebook page.
  5. Submit your details in the Airdrop form.
  6. You will receive 150 COR tokens.
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