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Expiry date Mar 22nd, 2021

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The CryptoMood API service is targeting those professional and retail traders, intraday and intraweek, who are daily spending an enormous amount of time and effort on reading news articles and opinions from different news sources. Every article or comment that might have an impact on their daily profits has to be checked and researched for accuracy or fake. This large stream of data related to any market forms the public opinions and directions and provides sentiment to better understand of what might the actual impact on the strategy in upcoming hours or days.


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  1. Visit the CrpytoMood Telegram Airdrop Form.
  2. Join their Telegram group (+1 stake) and invite your friends manually to their Telegram group. (+1 stake).
  3. Submit your details in the Telegram airdrop form (Total airdrop value of 250,000 YUP tokens).
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  6. Submit your details in the Facebook airdrop form (Total airdrop value of 125,000 YUP tokens).
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  8. Follow them on Twitter (+1 stake), retweet 1 tweet (Max 5/week) (+1 stake/tweet).
  9. Submit your details in the Twitter airdrop form (Total airdrop value of 125,000 YUP tokens).
  10. If you complete all tasks, you will get extra 1 stake in bonus.
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