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CurveBlock aims to be the world's first ever Blockchain-based property development company which pays token holders direct dividends from every project completed via Proof Of Stake (POS) smart wallets. Designed as a perfect antidote to the age-old challenges facing the industry, the platform rewards token holders with infinite dividends & charity voting rights. The ecosystem is designed in such a way that there is a seamless inter-switch between the native token and a secondary dividend token where dividend payments will be confirmed at various block height snapshots of the blockchain ledger when projects become liquid.


  1. Start chat with CurveBlockTelegram Bot.
  2. Type “Hello” or “Hi” to join.
  3. Follow CurveBlock on Twitter.
  4. Submit your details to the Bot.
  5. You will get 50 CBUK tokens.
  6. You need to pass the KYC to get your tokens.
  7. Earn additional 25 CBUK tokens.
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