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Ellcrys Co-Create, Co-Own and Co-Manage Software Products Ellcrys lets anyone, anywhere in the world to co-create, co-own and co-govern software products, services and organizations without relying on a centralized authority. Open source collaborators are empowered to start or contribute to communities dedicated to creating community-run software products and services using a source code sharing and collaboration technology that is open, decentralized, fault-tolerant and censorship-resistant. Ellcrys offers a decentralized git hosting system that enables developers to store and share codes that cannot be censored or abruptly destroyed. It also provides an ownership layer that allows thousands of people to share ownership of software applications (like mobile apps, web applications, REST APIs, libraries, frameworks, desktop apps, etc.). On Ellcrys, collaborators are empowered to govern themselves through the provision of tools that allows them to create simple to the complex governance system.


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