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Estimated value ~$2
Expiry date Jun 8th, 2021

Token Overview

Mindexcoin is an independent currency that stands out having its own blockchain system, wallet and offering an innovative payment system.
Mindexcoin (MIC) is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2017 with the goal of developing a financial system and easier, practical and intuitive payment platforms. The token used by Mindexcoin is EtherScan, that is, this token allows data operations in the Ethereum Decentralized Network. Mindexcoin is a new way of payment and a global currency option. They have constantly evolved, expanding their projects and each time conquering more. The Mindexcoin project has adapted, shaped itself to the needs and requirements of the market and is developing, day after day, as a solid cryptocurrency and a clear project.


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  1. Go to the Mindexcoin Airdrop page.
  2. Create an account on IDAX and verify your mail.
  3. Join Mindexcoin on Telegram and take a screenshot as proof.
  4. Submit your details in the airdrop page.
  5. You will receive 5 MIC tokens.
  6. You can earn an additional 5 MIC for each referral.
  7. For more details, visit this medium Announcement post.
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