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Expiry date Aug 6th, 2021

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RSK is the most secure smart contract network in the world and enables decentralized applications secured by the Bitcoin Network to empower people and improve the quality of life of millions.
RSK Vision - There are more than three billion people in the world with poor or no access to the basic financial services necessary to participate and thrive in our society. Bitcoin was created to provide individuals with economic freedom and to set the foundation for the construction of a new Internet that could facilitate the transfer of value. The RSK Smart Contract Network was created as a means to bring this vision to life and to enable prosperity and equality around the world.


Step 1

Join our Telegram Group
Step 2

Follow us on on Twitter
Step 3

Tweet this Airdrop:

  1. Visit the RSK Airdrop Page.
  2. Sign-up with your detail to join the Airdrop.
  3. You will get a mail with the link to a Telegram Bot.
  4. Start chat with the bot and get the link of your profile.
  5. Join RSK Telegram Group. (+ 1 Point)
  6. You can invite your friends to the group to receive Points. You will receive 2 Points if you invite 3 friends and 5 Points for inviting 5 friends.
  7. Complete other social tasks and earn more Points.
  8. You will receive up to 14 Points for completing all tasks.
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