Token Score
Estimated value ~$16
Expiry date May 3rd, 2021

Token Overview

TARUSH was born to complete a special mission - Fighting against BTC & cryptocurrency price manipulation. The major reason for was due to high level leverage, which lead the crypto currency market down the wrong path. TARUSH is a cryptocurrency project focused on privacy, scalability, and fungibility that is built by implementing a MimbleWimble 2.0 with some various optimizations. The choice of MimbleWimble 2.0 as the governing protocol is informed by its privacy advantages.


Step 1

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Step 3

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  1. Join TARUSH Telegram group.
  2. Follow TARUSH on Twitter.
  3. Follow TARUSH on Medium.
  4. Subscribe TARUSH on Reddit.
  5. Install TroLink Wallet in Google Chrome browser to eligible for airdrop.
  6. Click Trolink extension in browser and create your wallet.
  7. Now visit TARUSH airdrop page.
  8. Click "GET" and receive 100,000 TAS ($15) tokens.
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