XR Web

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Estimated value ~$4
Expiry date Jul 6th, 2021

Token Overview

XR Web is a decentralized network protocol that converts our physical space into a secured and encrypted three-dimensional internet space where content and applications can be projected, displayed and transacted.
XR Web is pioneering the development of the spatial / XR web 3.0 with a Decentralized framework to build applications that are meant for the physical spatial world around us and incorporate AR/VR technologies. XR Web are building a blockchain protocol and SDK so that developers can develop, monetize and promote XR & location-aware applications on mobile phones and smart glasses. Applications that can be built include social media, games, advertising, real estate, ride sharing, etc. MainNet version 0.5 Launched and READY for staking XR Estate.


Step 1

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Step 3

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  1. Go to the XR Web website.
  2. Create an account and verify your mail.
  3. Activate 2FA Google code.
  4. Now, start chat with this Telegram bot.
  5. Submit your email to the bot (Registered email).
  6. Join XR Web Telegram group.
  7. You will get 20 XR tokens.
  8. The top 25 referrers will receive up to “1667 XR” tokens.
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