Jun 09 2018





Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 09 2018
  • Time: All of the day
First of all please Tweet this airdrop:

Crowdholding (YUP) is a co-creation cryptocurrency platform that bring together entrepreneurs and community members to collaborate and grow startups together. New companies can use the platform to validate their ideas, build a community and raise funds.
YUP token — or custom ERC-20 tokens — allows co-creation and exchange ideas crossing the boundaries of the close teams and close-minded decision makers.

Takes around 4 min to complete. Reward is 25 YUP. A total of 125,000 YUP is dedicated to the airdrop.


  1. Join the Crowdholding Telegram group & follow us on 1 of the following channels: FacebookTwitter or Reddit
  2. Sign up on Crowdholding and fill in the appropriate FacebookTwitter or Reddit profile info and your ETH wallet address in the “Account” section.
  3. Post your Telegram username in the comment section after you join.
All YUP tokens will be distributed after the campaign finishes on 31st of July.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Stay in the Crowdholding Telegram Group at least until 31st of July 2018.
  • Contribute to the discussion whenever you feel like your reply would be helpful to others (don’t mindlessly spam comments or posts).
  • Participants that spam the Crowdholding group with “Hi”/”Hello”/”Good Morning!” or empty comments in general will be disqualified from all campaigns.
  • Participants that post any sort of bounty discussion in the crowdholding group will be banned and excluded from the airdrop campaign.
  • With the exception of dedicated native language groups, all replies should be made in English, unless the group rules specify otherwise.
  • Respect the rules the group has specified/pinned.
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