Zeux (Round 2)

Token Score
Estimated value ~$5
Expiry date Apr 20th, 2021

Token Overview

Zeux is a blockchain based financial ecosystem company, building the world's first crypto mobile payment app that uses the world's first integrated crypto & fiat investment platform. By partnering with a long list of financial institutions in both the fiat and crypto worlds, we are merging these different financial services combining mobile payment, banking, and investment services into one application.


Step 1

Join our Telegram Group
Step 2

Follow us on on Twitter
Step 3

Tweet this Airdrop:

  1. Start chat with Zeux Telegram bot.
  2. Join Zeux Telegram group.
  3. Submit your Email and ETH address.
  4. You will receive 60 ZUC tokens.
  5. Click on Campaigns and click on Airdrop bounty in the bot.
  6. Retweet one Zeux tweet with @ZeuxApp.
  7. Verify your tweet from the bot and receive extra 90 ZUC tokens.
  8. Also get 60 ZUC for every referral.
  9. Only new Zeux airdrop participants will be able to participate in this Telegram and Twitter airdrop
  10. To get more information, see this Medium post.
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